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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I get to pick my own location?

Clients are always apart of choosing their location I am open to new spots, coming to your home, or friends home. I do like to stay in the Fresno and Clovis area. If you have a spot that is outside those boundaries we can discuss that further when booking your session. Some spots are limited to the season so they may not be available to you at the time of your booking.


Are you available any time of the day for pictures?

Lighting is key!! During the day hours you have a lot of glaring sun which can be hard to work with and harsh on the face. I always strive to give my clients the best possible pictures so I do limit the time of day we will be shooting in. The prime time is a couple of hours before the sun goes down. So depending on the time of year I usually schedule clients anywhere from 3pm-6pm. Newborn sessions are the exception since we are inside. Those session times are more flexible and can be done in the morning hours.


Once my session is complete how does the process work?

First you will get a link to your “picture preview”. Depending on your package, you will choose which photos you want to have your editing done to. You will also get a sample photo of different editing styles you can choose from (example: color, vintage, black/white). Once you choose those pictures and what editing style you want, your pictures are usually completed within 10 days. At that time a new link with your pictures will be given to you, and you can download them from there. Upon request I can put those pictures on CD. That CD can be picked up at my home upon your convenience.


What if I really want additional pictures edited?

Yes, each additional picture is $10.00.


What goes into the edited pictures?

These pictures will have touch ups such as (blemish removal, eyes enhancement, under eye circles ect..) I also add your desired effect on the picture which will enhance your photos color and clarity.


Can I order prints from you?

At this time I do not do printing. I do recommend Horn Photo for processing. They are a professional printing company here in Fresno, so you can guarantee your results will come out nice. I caution clients in using places like Walgreen’s, Costco, and Target for printing, especially for enlargements. These places can sometimes distort your photos and the coloring will not always be the same as what the original picture was.


What if I want more then one effect on a picture?

One effect is included per picture, so if you want multiple effects on a photo, it will be an additional $5.00 per added affect. You are however welcome to do different effects on different pictures. For example you may have black/white on a few images and then vintage, or color on the rest.


Can I bring props to the session?

Yes please!! I love when clients have things that they want to add to there session. It add uniqueness to your photos.


How does the payment process work?

Payment is collected at the time of your session. If you do not have cash, checks are fine and can be made payable to Michelle Temple. If you decide later you would like to add extra photos or effects, those fees can be added separately and then a check can be mailed to me for those additional fees. If you feel comfortable using Pay Pal I can always send you an invoice for payment through them as well.