Zenfolio | Temple Photography | Photo Pricing

Basic Session Pricing


Mini Session:  $75.00

This session lasts for  up to 30min. You will receive 10 edited images of your choice from your session.  

Classic Session: $150.

This session lasts up to 1 hour. You will receive 20 edited images of your choice from your session.

Custom Creative Session:  $250.00

This session last up to 1 1/2 hours. You will receive 30 edited images of your choice from your session.

Newborn Session: $200.00

This session last up to 2hrs. You will receive 20 edited images of your choice from your session.

Event Rate:  $100.00 ( for the first hour) and $50.00 (for each additional hour)

There is a minimum of 1 hour required for this booking.  You will receive between 20-50 images depending on the duration of your booking.

Additional Picture Fee:  $5.00 per picture 

Additional Effects Per Picture: $3.00

Additional Raw(no editing) Photo : $2.00 per pictures

Photos can be put on a CD per request, or I will add the download button from the site and you can download from there.



Session Descriptions


Mini Session:

This session is designed for those looking for something simple and easy to fit in their budget.  These are great for updating your kids photos, or for clients who need updated self portraits for various business needs . Although 30min. may not seem like a lot of time, you will be surprised how much you can pack into this shoot.  Usually 1 prop is brought to these sessions.

Classic Session:

This session is most popular for families, seniors, and couples. There is a bit more time to get those extra shots and posing you may be wanting. Usually  2 props are brought to these sessions. 1 clothing change  is allowed.

Custom Creative Session: 

This session is great for clients who want a photo shoot unique to them.  For this session I work with clients on coming up with a theme, figuring out props, and outfits that will achieve the look they are going for.  Several clothing changes are allowed if needed. 

Newborn Session:

At this time I do not have a studio, so these sessions are done in your home. The sessions usually do take the full 2 hours. I like to make sure I have time to allow for feedings, diapers changing, ect. Depending on the weather most pictures will be done inside the home where there is good natural light coming in. If clients do feel comfortable we can go outdoors  (this obviously depends a lot on the time of year) Newborn pictures are best taken within the first 2 weeks of your child being born. Parents and siblings are welcome to be apart of the session if desired by the family. Newborn pictures are mostly done wrapped in blankets wearing little or no clothing. If you have a special outfit, or accessories that is fine, but outfits at this stage are encouraged to be at a minimum.

Event Rate:

This package is great for small events like bridal showers, baby showers,  and birthday parties, ect... I usually arrive 30min. before the event to get shots of decoration before guest arrive and things get moved around.  At this time I do not do weddings.